24 September 2008


Aliyah was so excited when I told her she could go to a real school instead of just working with mom at the table with her "school books." We found a preschool we wanted but were told that there was a waiting list, so of course, didn't have much hope of her getting in. Then we got a call last week and she started school this last Tuesday. Here are some pictures of her from her first day of school and one of Rylee on Aliyah's second day of school because she is feeling left out! She is having fun and learning lots at school and on assignments they give us for at home, too. She has been waiting for this since she heard the word school!!! Yay Aliyah!

21 September 2008

Who got into the Oreos?

I bought some Oreos to bake with and this is what happened...
Of course Rylee had no idea who would eat the cream out of all those cookies!!!
(Doesn't she just look so innocent!?!)
And Lizzy denied everything before I even asked...
she had no clue who ate the Oreos, but it wasn't her!!!
And Aliyah (who actually didn't touch the cookies) wait 'till it was all over before she came to tell me about it! What a great tattle-tell... :)

20 September 2008

Just some fun pics...

Lizzy's "Blue's Clues" ears...
Isn't they so purty!
She'd had enough after about 12 pictures!!!
Here she is at a community party havin' fun.
And Aliyah met some new friends, they were learning to share.
Rylee wanted her picture taken and then when she looked at it realized she didn't have a shirt on
...so for these two pictures she went and put her shirt on...
and crackers to cover her eyes, too!(She thought this was hilarious!)
Our three cuties just love taking pictures.
And Aliyah really loves to hug Lizabeth!

17 September 2008

Little Miss Cranky Head!!!

Yup! We have ourselves a little miss cranky head right now, and I would be so frustrated about it if it weren't for the fact that it's because Lizzy just got her first tooth in this week!!! After Rylee pretty much had her whole set of teeth in by the time she was this old I was wondering when it would finally happen for our little Izaboo. She is having such a hard time when Mom isn't right next to her, and loves it when I rub her tooth and tell her it's "my toofer." She loves playing with it with her tongue, too. I don't think any tooth has ever been this fun for us!!! Weirdos, huh!?!

13 September 2008

Fun Times!

Well, today was a fun day for all of us and of course I forgot my camera, anyway... We started off by going to a stake "green jello" activity. Jump houses, bean bag tosses, horsie races(sticks), spin art, and jello judging were some of the activities we enjoyed. Then we went home and walked to the campus to see the BSU homecoming parade, made off like bandits with way too much candy, so we took some to the neighbors. Then we got the girls ready and took them to Aunt Sandy's house so Ryan and I could go to dinner and bowling with our neighbors sans kids. The girls got to color with chalk, watch a movie, eat, and play with dolls (except Rylee who zonked at 8:00). Aunt Sandy said they were so good she was amazed they had such a fun time and the baby only cried once - when she fell from a standing to a sitting position. Oh and we had pizza at a "Pie" type place and bowling was aweful although I did progress each time. Ryan got consistant just over 100's and I went from 51 to 79 to 100. I love to bowl but I am so aweful. And while we were there Ryan was able to catch the second half of the homecoming game! BSU 2o BGSU 7. Well, that's our fun Saturday hope all is going well with all you!!! Loves and hugs!

06 September 2008

Gramma and Grampa come to visit

Well, after visiting everone else, my parents decided it was time to come visit us again. So, over Labor Day weekend they flew out for a visit and here are some pictures of their stay, courtesy my parents camera. Mine of course was in hiding like usual!

03 September 2008

Over the weekend my folks came to visit, I'm trying to upload a slide of highlites but my computer needs a quick kick right now so I will give you a highlite not going to be on the slide!
I was just getting dinner ready when Ryan asked if I was burning something, I thought it was the pot on the stove until I remembered I was keeping some dishes in there due to our very unspacious kitchen. To my dismay, a big white bowl took the beating for my lack of checking the oven before I turned it on. These pictures are from the experience and what is left of my poor bowl!!!

This (above) is what was stuck to that (below.)