29 May 2009

We're back!!!

Well, we've been up to a lot lately. Ryan and I have had school and nursery, Aliyah had preschool - I joined her there as much as possible (field trips, lunches, trips to the "big" park, etc.), and then there was the trip to St. George for the Alvey's big event weekend. There have been a lot of other little things, but school ending has been our biggest break! I am especially glad preschool is over, it was fun but by the end of the year, with committies, I was the only person still going. Planning the end of year party myself was a little stressful. But I'm done with that and on to planning my friend, Christina's baby shower (lunch at Olive Garden I'm thinking). Ryan is getting to the point where he might be able to quit Lowes and be home on the weekends! And the girls are back to being up to no good now that they are all together again! Life is good...
Anyway, we finally got pictures of the girls done, (Ryan's cousin Christy took them for us at Rylee's "castle" -aka train depot-she was so excited) here are some:

Make-up fun!

These are some pictures Christy took while we were having a Mary Kay party,
the girls just had to join in!

Lizzy relaxing, away from it all!
Listening intently

Just plain having fun!