13 January 2010

Christmas!!! (finally)

Christmas this year was simple and nice, we stayed in Boise, had dinner at Ryan's Aunt Sandy's - an nontraditional but ever so yummy lasagna (my mouth is watering just thinking about it!) - and then Ryan's parents came to visit.
When we went to bed, the floor was clear and the tree only had candy canes on it - couldn't find our decorations - when we woke up, as Aliyah puts it - "Santa brought presents and found mommy's decorations too!" What a sweetheart that Santa is... (And I was very exhausted the next day, too!)
Here's our loot! "Santa" - were not sure who - brought some really nice stuff for the girls, boots, clothes, gloves/hats, and Aliyah also got (top-middle) an awesome blanket that turns into a pillow!!! Of course mom and dad only got one present each for Christmas, since each was $$$. Well, I guess technically I got two because Ryan won a Wii a month earlier, and yes I couldn't wait an entire month to open the giant box he brought it home in on NOV 30!!!
And finally to finish the day off, after we got home from dinner, Ryan's parents showed up with a whole new load of presents! My camera died before we could get pictures of the opened presents but here are some fun ones from before they were opened and after the girls opened new coats and Rylee opened butterfly wings! Lizzy was so intrigued when Rylee suddenly turned into a "fu-hur-fy", oh and Rylee had to show off that Santa brought her a matching outfit for her barbies, too! Now our house, that was packed with toys before, is bursting at the seems with them. I am a lot more encouraged to let go of anything!!! We even took a couple nice -old, but nice- toys over to Aliyah's friend Saidi and his sister (a refugee family new to the US).
What a fun Christmas we had!!!
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11 January 2010

School Break Fun!

More fun from picnics to parties to parks!
We love picnics in the living room, and playing on the playground outside!
Papa and Nama bringing gifts for Rylee and Lizzy's birthdays, and for Aliyah 'cause she's cute, too! (And the girls helping Daddy clean:)
Family night after the girls decorated the tree with candy canes - apparently an exhausting event - and before going to see Christmas lights. Lizzy was so sleepy, she didn't even flinch when I kicked her shoe to the side.
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Christmas Programs and Parties!

Here is more Holiday Season fun...

These are some of our friends and a picture from Lizzy's quaint party - it was just the five of us.
Top-Left: Lizzy; Top-Right: Christian, Lizzy, Rylee; Middle: Makaila; Bottom-Right: J; Bottom-Left: Saidi, Aliyah.
These are from Rylee's first party with friends! Thanks Anya, Karrena, J, Kate and Makaila for coming!
And these are some horrible, but still kinda cute, pictures from Aliyah's school Christmas Program. Aliyah is in the front row next to the kid in the white shirt - Jon... who she thinks is nice... :)
Next to come: More Holiday Fun!
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10 January 2010

The Holidays, Part 1 - Halloween

Okay, so this is way late, but still cute! Grandma Alvey came to visit us for Halloween this last year. The girls loved taking Grandma trunk-r-treating at their cousin J's ward and loved having a weekend of sleepovers with Grandma too!
Here are some pictures of the girls with Grandma, J and his mommy Anya, and the girls digging in to their candy!
And here are some pictures of the girls in their costumes and visiting with their friends Christian and Makaila.
Next up: Christmas programs and school break fun.

07 January 2010

Fun with J

Okay, I finally uploaded Picasa on my mini laptop so I will be more encouraged to play with my blog and post more frequently, hopefully!
These are from a few months back but they are so fun and cute, I couldn't resist!
Here are some pictures of the Rylee and Lizzy with their cousin J, he comes to visit a few days a week when his mommy goes to class.

These were taken the same day, J just didn't have enough hair for the flower clip! My girls love being girly-girls... sometimes, so I gotta be quick with the camera - and for once I was!!!

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05 January 2010

Missing Persons

I've been following a couple missing persons cases, one because it is very public and one because he is a relative's relative. I have decided to help and try to get the word out so if you can send messages out to people or post these where ever you think they might help... I know I would want people to do the same for me if I went missing.


Steven Koecher

He was last seen on December 13 in Henderson Nevada, a suburb of Las Vegas. He is 5'11" and has blonde hair and blue eyes. If anyone has seen him or heard from him PLEASE give any of these numbers a call.

Contact info:
Henderson Police: 702-267-5000
St George Police: 435-627-4300
KC Naegle : 801-231-2395

Even if you don't know anything please
join this group long enough to invite others
who may be able to help. Thank you!


Susan Powell:

Susan Powell was last seen at her home in West Valley City, Utah on Sunday night, December 6, 2009. Anyone with information about this case should contact the West Valley City Police at 801-840-4000: