25 January 2009

Aliyah's 5th Birthday~! (and babysitting)

Our big girl is 5 now. Here are some pictures of the fun party we had:

We thought she would be excited about the bike, but it was the bow and arrow that really took the cake!

The only sad part was we invited her entire preschool class (16 kids) and none of them showed up :(

We had tons of fun with our great neighbors and family anyway!!!

One of whom was this cute little one, baby J, who I get to babysit on Monday, Wednesday, and sometimes Friday for a few hours each. Just while his mom is in class and his dad, Ryan's cousin, is working. He is such a cute little angel!!!

10 January 2009

Ta Da!

I was looking at somethings on the computer when I saw something hobbling out of the corner of my eye... Brynlee Elizabeth, at 13 months and 2 days just walked across the room all by her self! Nothing to hold on to and no one encouraging her to, just her all by her self. And now she won't stop!

09 January 2009

And Finally Christmas!

Well, I had a lot of cute after pictures of everything each of us got, but somehow they have disappeared, so here is what I have:
N.S.E.C.T.s (big bug-like robots, eww)
Brynlee Elizabeth "feeding" her new dolly.
And lots of snow!!! All day!
The girls also got clothes, movies, Rock'emSock'emRobots, and a little people set. Ryan and I got a George Foreman, an ice cream maker, socks, a knife set and we all got our PJs!!!

Christmas Eve

Our tradition in Twin is take n' bake pizza and a present on Christmas Eve, we were supposed to have it at Great Grandma and Grandpa's but due to unforseen events, the plans changed a bit. So here are pictures of our night at Nama and Papa's:
Lizabeth trying to sit on the chair like her sissies!
Lizzy calling Aliyah out, next thing we knew they were on the floor wrestling!
Then ensued a wrapping-paper-ball fight..
After the presents of course.

More Christmas Eve

More fun:
Lizzy and Daddy having fun!
Their present was new coats (unlike the usual p.j.s every other year.)
Lizzy in her coat with her old lady walker.
Aunt Cathy, Grandma, Ryan and Lizzy!
This is Ryan's Uncle Les, the amazing thing is that tree and car aren't miniature, he really is that BIG~!

05 January 2009

After they got opened...

This post should be below the last one but, ugh, I don't feel like fixing it...
can't decide...
which hat she likes best!!!

Christmas in Boise

We went to Twin for Christmas this year but luckily Santa brought some of our presents before we left!
Here's our tree and the presents we opened in Boise.
Aliyah with her stash!
Rylee with hers!
And Lizzy with hers!
And this is the navtivity that Lowes had for $75 that they let Ryan buy for $1!!! (the bottom level spins around and it has a switch that plays the manger story. Way exciting!)