30 September 2009

Update part II...

So, here are the pictures I got from our fun time at Dierkes Lake (on the Snake River) in Twin Falls. It was Ryan's class reunion and about 20%-25% of them showed up. All of 10-12 people! Very different, but much more fun than a group of hundreds would be. The girls loved it! Aliyah paddled around in her "boat", Rylee decided she preferred the sand(and her star floater), and Lizzy wanted to float and swim at the same time (she ended up just swimming in the end). I was swimming so I didn't get much of the people there (except my own little ones), and of course after having so much fun, the girls were tired and we left with some sad faces and tears.
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After we left the lake, since we payed $3 dollars to get in, we stopped over at Shoshone Falls before heading out. One of Ryan's friends -Steve- and his family were there. The girls had so much fun with their two girls and little boy and it was such a beautiful place. (There are even a few pictures from the drive up the canyon.)
(I also like to call this one "My favorite things about Twin")

25 September 2009


Okay, so I have been a blogging slacker, I just haven't had the energy it takes to sit and pick out pictures, there are just too many cute ones to pick from, and I didn't know how to show them all without taking too much time (plus I've had homework a lot). Until now, or still a couple weeks ago, when Alisha told me about picasa. Love it! So now I will be playing catch up for the next week, starting with "fun times at home in July" (the little one is Mikaila, a friend of ours, and Christian's sister - he is in the background of one of the pictures, but wouldn't turn around for the picture.) and then "Oquirrh Temple Open House" from our trip to SLC in July. Hope you enjoy and look forward to our next installment: "Ryan's ten year in Twin Falls"!!!

(Ryan bought a $120 Boise State rug (above) for $15, we will miss Lowes' employee deals!)

The girls just love their "big girl" cousin Katie!
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