22 December 2008

Santa and Monkey Girl...

My camera is dead for the moment so if we want a picture on here we have to borrow our neighbors camera, which we try not to do too often, they are great neighbors!
Here is a picture of our girls on Santa's lap. (We tried not to be in it but our children decided to get Santaphobia so this was the best we could do.)

These next few pictures are of our precious Brynlee Elizabeth, who has decided it's not time for walking yet, trying to crawl/walk in a dress.

It looked really funny because she wouldn't put her knees down,
so she ended up looking like a monkey,
Our little monkey girl!!! (When she's not crawling she's using a walker to get around the house, which she is pretty good at doing she can turn it and manuever it where ever she wants, she is like a little old lady it's so cute!)

09 December 2008

Brynlee Elizabeth Turns ONE! (be prepared for a LOT of pictures!!!)

Here is her cake! okay very dull, not time consuming at all (like Rylee's was, and I don't recommend using betty crocker premade icing, homemade is much easier to write with)
And here is the little cookie monster enjoying her first part of the cake,
as the other two revolt, they want sugar! (notice the forks in hand)
Then Brynlee Elizabeth realizes I walked away with the cake and she has NONE! Oh the tears,
but she gets her cake and that makes it all better!!!


I don't know who this kid is, but none of my kids "pick" at sugar like this,
now that is more like one of mine,
then she puts it down to get the other,
then back to the first,
then she doesn't bother setting any down, that's a double-fist of chocolate!


Now that's more like the kid I know!
One down,
Two down! And looking like a scavanger at her sisters...
and then at mine! (you would think she is starving by that look)
So I shared a bite of mine, but it wasn't enough!


She cried again! so...
Piece #2!
One hand,
Two hand,
One down,
Two down!


She was done, but that was all we were going to give her...
so she cried again!
Then she got her new toy and it was so much fun,
she loved it,
and everyone else love it, too!


She tried so hard,
but she just couldn't hit the nose,
hard enough...
but she wasn't about to let anyone else touch it again!

03 December 2008


Yup! Our Rylee is 3 what a big girl! Here are some fun pictures of her and her little party!
This is what she wore all day! She woke up and went straight for it- her dressy dress! What a princess!
Here she is with her pretty princess cake, in her dressy dress, with her princess purse, and her pretty Christmas Dora!
Here is Aliyah playing with Rylee's Dora balloon, Rylee on the table snitching, and Brynlee Elizabeth eating her cupcake!
Once again, Brynlee Elizabeth with her cupcake, or what is left of it... and Rylee basking in her birthday glory!
And this is Christian! Our favorite neighbor friend from downstairs, they had lots of fun! (Ryan and I are going to steal him one of these days)

The cake!

Well, it's not the greatest looking cake and it looked at lot worse before I slathered cool whip all over it, but Rylee loved her pretty princess birthday cake in her pretty dressy dress!
This is what happens when you combine a barbie, hostess cupcakes, and lots of cool whip!
I call her Rylee's Winter Barbie of Wonder!