28 April 2009

Zoo much fun!

Well, we still haven't found the teeny tiny battery for our camera, so still no pictures, but I should probably still post something. I guess one of the biggest things to happen was Easter, the girls got dresses from Mom and Dad, movies, a book about Jesus, shoes to match the dresses, tiny baskets with a couple Starbursts and one special big egg, and little chocolate bunnies from the Easter bunny, and a special surprise while we were at church, the Easter Beagle hid some eggs for the girls to find when we got home. He also left the two older girls jump ropes. They thought that was a lot of fun.
Next, on Friday (the 24Th), the girls and I all went to the Zoo with Aliyah's preschool class. 19 kids and 12 adults worked out just right. Although it was a rush to see as much as we could, the kids all stayed in a group and we all had a lot of fun, especially when they finally got to go down the giraffe slide!!! The Zoo was a lot smaller than I had imagined but I think it was just right for a preschool trip, even if there where no elephants...
Also on Friday, we had Ryan's birthday. Since it was Friday and I had class, Ryan wasn't expecting me to make dinner, but I did! When he got home I was just finishing up a meal of spaghetti and meatballs, garlic bread, broccoli and watermelon. I was also in the process of making a lemon meringue pie but the store bought pie crust didn't work out. So, after class I spent the night making my own crust and meringue- I didn't have a lemon so I had to use my canned lemon filling. It turned out good and I hope he liked it too, he was too busy playing computer games with his friend John to stop and eat it!
Now, we are trying to finish up school work for this week and part of next so that we can head down to St. George for the weekend and see Katie get baptised. Then it's finals week and then... SUMMER!!!!

06 April 2009

For those of you interested...

I found a blog that is all about recipe sharing. http://www.cookingformoms101.blogspot.com/ How it works: the owner will post a recipe and then people who want to leave a favorite, or different version, of the same recipe put that recipe in a comment on her original post. It sounds like it could be fun and helpful!