27 August 2008

Crazy Crawler

Ryan and the girls were watching teenage mutant ninja turtles this afternoon while I was cleaning the kitchen. Our little Wizaboo (Lizzy) has been learning and becoming more confident with crawling in the past week and likes to come visit me in the kitchen when I'm in there. I thought she might be on her way in but as I walked into the living room she was nowhere to be found. We could hear her cooing and babbling near by and it turns out she by passed the kitchen and went into the hallway where our front door is, when I got there she was sitting facing the door talking to it as if trying to get it to open for her...
then of course she saw me and by the time I got the camera she was headed back.

And, of course, before she could make it much further, her sisters were by her side ready for their pictures, too!
They love their pictures being taken!!!

26 August 2008

Home Safe... and Ready for School!

Well, we survived, and of course I forgot to take the camera with us. I never know where the thing is when I need it. We had a "nice" little stay in Twin. My sister-in-law made sure the house was clean the entire time we were there (literally). Except the toy room, her teenage neices helped make it a mess and it needs a whole overhaul, that was a little hard on the kids (especially when they thought they might let the two older kids in but not Rylee, then they took books, writting utinsels, and any smaller toys away from her,too -They have a five year old, all his toys are small!- so we decided none of our girls could go in the toy room.) It was fun to go to his parents. We had a BBQ, the kids got to go play outside for once, and while the kids fell asleep watching a movie, WE got to play cards with the family!!! It was shocking and amazing, doesn't happen much.
But like I said, we survived... And yesterday Ryan started his first day of class for the fall! Pretty exciting for us all, we have a schedule to go by now. Now all he needs to do is get a job on campus and we will be set. Anyway, things are good Ryan is excited with his schedule (even though it includes Music and Theater) he has his coaching class this semester! I need to go get ink for our printer now so, so long!

22 August 2008

Revisiting Podunk due to Karaoke...

His parents called, they wanted to see the girls, but since his Aunt was going to Twin THEY couldn't come to US.
I said "Ughhh"
He said "Humph"

Later that night our neighbors invited us to play Life, "Oh and by the way, karaoke competition tomorrow night!!!"
I said "Yay!!!"
He said "Who wants to go see Nama and Papa?"

Who in this world could turn and say "no daddy was kidding" to two bright-eyed beautiful girls all excited to see their Grandparents?!? So, now I sit in my brother-and-sister-in-law's house, REVISITING PODUNK, wishing my husband didn't hate singing so much, wishing I could be beating Robert, the all-around karaoke champ!!!

But even as I am writting this sleep is trying to knock me out! More on this weekend, I'm sure.

11 August 2008

The Wedding

Well, as most of you know by now, Charles got married to Erica this last weekend! It was beautiful, and fun to be around everyone. Halfway through the reception though, (I forgot my camera, but Zack and Shen probably have a ton of pics on theirs) it rained, it lasted about an hour. We hid under the porch and in the basement of the hostess then it stopped and they had the bouquette, negli toss and cut the cake. Then we all had to go get kidies to sleep. It was fun to see everyone, even though we didn't get to play much, we stayed at Grandpa Alvey's, which was very nice and quiet except for the girls! These are the only pictures I got, but I love this pose! We also got to see the other side of the family when we stopped in Twin Falls to stay the night down and back, the girls had such a fun time.