18 February 2010

J and the Tooth-fairy(again!?!)

Here are some pictures of us all, while Aliyah is at school and J is here to play. J loves playing with "big boy toys" and Rylee loves to cheer and love on everyone! Lizzy was done with loves in the couch picture :)

And one last time for mouth pictures for awhile!!! Two teeth gone, two teeth in, many more to go... (Oh and Bubba wanted a picture of her mouth taken, too. She laughs and sticks her tongue out when she looks at this picture :)

11 February 2010

Ta-Da and Toothfairy!

Well, it happened! Aliyah played with her tooth enough that it feel out! Yesterday around 4-ish, Aliyah turned to me and said, "you're right mom, my tooth is so loose it's almost going to fall out." followed 10 seconds later by, "Mom! my tooth is out, look mom, look!!!"

Later we were discussing the tooth-fairy and she let me know that if she woke up and there was money she would know that the tooth-fairy was really real, but if she woke up and the tooth was still there she would know that there wasn't any tooth-fairy at all.
Turns out there is a tooth-fairy, and just like Aliyah had told me, when you loose your first tooth, she brings you a toy and money, it was even the dinosaur Aliyah had hope for. ;) It's so fun having kids around!

06 February 2010

And finally... Aliyah's Birthday!

Aliyah had a special fun party with her friends, Natalie, Sy, Carly, Zahne, Korrine, Myra and
Said (he came after the camera died):We played pin the tail on the donkey and a pass the present game, everyone got a little dollar gift, then the kids watched "Barbie and the Three Musketeers".

Then next day, since Nama and Papa didn't really want to join in the kiddie party, we took Aliyah out to lunch with them and Aunt Sandy's family.

J, Anya, Christy, Sandy, Steve, Clark, Lana, and our little family all went to The Golden Corral where the kids all had way too much sugar and fun!

Water and Fluoride?

Jed and Aubrey came up for a visit just before Christmas, during their visit they asked if our water was bad because we were drinking bottled water. My answer was "sometimes" and this is what I meant:Two gallons both filled from the same tap on the same day. Can you say "???"
And in other, completely unrelated news (I hope), Aliyah has something exciting to share:

Not only does she have a loose tooth,

She has TWO loose teeth and the new ones are already on their way in!!!

03 February 2010

Busy busy busy!

I thought I would take a quick break from school work to update the blog so that it isn't another semester before I post again. We've been pretty busy since about the middle of January. Aliyah is still going strong in her learning at kindergarten, and since Ryan got changed to the graveyard shift -again:P- I have been lucky enough to be able to go with her to class on Fridays. Ryan and I are both back in school this semester, and the roles kind of switched a little with the graveyard schedule. Ryan has mostly History classes online and I have mostly English classes at the University. We are blessed to be able to switch babysitting with Anya -J's mom- so that she and I can both attend daytime classes during the week. Other than my one day time class, I have forced myself to take a fitness class along with some night and Saturday classes. The girls love having J come play with them and they love it when Anya stays, too. Rylee and Lizzy are learning how to get along with each other while Aliyah is gone -right now they are tackle-hugging each other yelling "mine". We got released from nursery, and put on the activities committee. We finished our season of birthdays with a big number 6 for Aliyah (pictures will come someday). And this afternoon, Ryan will be going out to Meridian to meet the boys he will be coaching at the high school! I've probably forgotten something, but it's time for me to get back to my homework before Aliyah's bus and J come! Hope you all are doing well!!!