11 February 2010

Ta-Da and Toothfairy!

Well, it happened! Aliyah played with her tooth enough that it feel out! Yesterday around 4-ish, Aliyah turned to me and said, "you're right mom, my tooth is so loose it's almost going to fall out." followed 10 seconds later by, "Mom! my tooth is out, look mom, look!!!"

Later we were discussing the tooth-fairy and she let me know that if she woke up and there was money she would know that the tooth-fairy was really real, but if she woke up and the tooth was still there she would know that there wasn't any tooth-fairy at all.
Turns out there is a tooth-fairy, and just like Aliyah had told me, when you loose your first tooth, she brings you a toy and money, it was even the dinosaur Aliyah had hope for. ;) It's so fun having kids around!

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Gramma & Grampa said...

That is so exciting Aliyah - your first tooth gone to the tooth fairy ;o) - love you lots!