28 November 2008

Love and Thanks!

I just got through reading Jessica and Cobly's blog and it really touched me to the point that I feel like I need to tell you all thank you! Not just those of you who are reading this either... I want to say thank you to my family; my Mom and Dad, my brothers Zack, Charles and Jed, my sister Shenille, my in-laws Alisha, Erica, Weston, and soon to be Aubrey. I want to send all my love to Katie, Taylor, Isaac, William, Elli, Joshua, and the little boy on his way. I am thankful for all my Aunts and Uncles and Cousins; I miss all the fun times we had when we were younger, and am sad for all the things I've missed. I am thankful for all my Cousin-in-laws and hope to some day meet you all, or see you again. (I am thankful for the internet and Blogs to be able to get to know family from far away, which is a lot for me being here in Idaho.) I am thankful for my Mother and Father-in-law and the lessons I am learning through them. I am thankful for my Brother-in-law and his wife and her son Andy. I am thankful for our Grandparents, especially my Grandma Benson for her generosity and hospitality. I am thankful for my Grandpa Alvey and Gramma Karla and the love they give us! I am thankful for Ryan's Aunts and Uncles (especially to Sandy for that yummy turkey dinner! and all the love and support) I am thankful to have met Ryan's Grandpa Egbert and Uncle Larry before they passed away, and am sad I never got to sit on the front porch with Uncle Larry before he left. I am thankful for Ryan's cousins and cousin-in-laws, (especially Scott and Anya for leting us and our three girls live with them for a month shortly after their wedding) I am even thankful for family of in-laws, the Kindreds, the Harmons, the Gregsons!, and the Bonewells and all the kindness they show to everyone! And my friends who are family in my book, (Heather and Stephanie!) and anyone I may have missed I promise I am thinking of you all from time to time and wishing you well! So to EVERYONE "Thank you and I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!" Lots of Love, The Egbert Family, Ryan Krystal Aliyah Rylee and Brynlee Elizabeth <3

22 November 2008

Blue Day for Blue fans!

Well, as you Utahns know, The Big Game was today and Utah slaughtered (48 to 24) BYU! What you may not know is how upsetting this is to us BSU fans! While all you Ute fans are chering about your big undefeated BCS bowl winning season, us BSU fans have been put in the dark! WE ARE UNDEFEATED TOO!! If only the U could have lost then we could have move ahead of them on the charts!!! Darn Utes!

Idaho Statesman:
RENO - Undisputed WAC champions, yes.

BCS busters, almost certainly not.

The No. 9 Boise State football team clinched the outright WAC title Saturday afternoon at Mackay Stadium - holding off the determined Nevada Wolf Pack for a 41-34 victory. It is the Broncos' sixth WAC title in seven years.

In Salt Lake City, however, No. 8 Utah clinched the only Bowl Championship Series spot guaranteed to teams in the non-BCS conferences - beating No. 16 BYU 48-24.

The Broncos (11-0 overall, 7-0 WAC), who wrap up the regular season Friday at Bronco Stadium against Fresno State, now must wait to find out if they will play in the Poinsettia Bowl on Dec. 23 in San Diego against a ranked opponent from the Mountain West Conference or the Humanitarian Bowl on Dec. 30 in Boise against the eighth choice from the Atlantic Coast Conference. They also are still technically in contention for a BCS at-large berth.

21 November 2008

4th picture in 4th file tag

This would be the picture if I was going by my own files:
This is a picture I took one Sunday afternoon while Brynlee Elizabeth was swinging in her swing and trying to put her binki back in her mouth the right way. It was taken sometime in the middle of July so she was about 7-8 months. The next two pictures showed her taking her thumb in the ring of the binki and flinging it across the room. Such a silly girl!
This picture is the true 4th picture from the 4th file on my computer, but it's not really my file, I got it from a disc my brother let me steal from him that is all pictures of Zack and Alisha's kids for a calendar that was made for my parents one Christmas. I thought it was pretty cute so I put it up, too. It's Katie and Taylor sitting in front of a tree in Grandma Benson's backyard, I'm guessing when the where living there. Such stinkin' cute kids!!!
And TAG, if you haven't done this already, YOU ARE IT!

19 November 2008

Jed + Aubrey = Love!

I just wanted to say congrats for Jed and Aubrey on their new engagement!!! They are such a cute couple and she is such a nice girl! We are so excited to be able to call her "Aunt Arbrey!"

12 November 2008

Firefighter Aliyah!

Aliyah was so excited the other day when her preschool class went to one of the new Boise fire stations! She got to climb on the truck, see all the equipment and all the rooms- like the kitchen, bedroom, and BIG garage! She had so much fun and was so proud when the fire cheif made her an official jr firefighter (in charge of keeping our house safe).
Her in her new firefighter hat!
Her and Rylee, because Rylee has to have her picture taken too!

10 November 2008

And you thought I was creative...

My cousin-in-law, Anya, who had the baby shower, couldn't find Boise State baby bumpers so, she made this set herself!!!
And since his crib is going to be BSU he needed curtains to go with, so she made them, too!
And if that wasn't enough creativity in one family, this is a travel bag Ryan's aunt Sandy (the baby's Grandma) made! It was the diaper bag, but they decided it was too big so...
Now this is the diaper bag, same idea, only smaller!!!
And if that wasn't enough... a lady in her releif society made her this Boise State nursing cover!
Can you tell they are BSU fans?!?!
Ryan can't wait until we have a boy so we can steal their decorating ideas, and have his aunt make us another diaper bag, this time in the orange and blue!!! (ours is just red.)

07 November 2008

HALLOWEEN ! ! ! (finally)

We ended up being in SLC for halloween and lucky us we had Faith there to help us with crowns and such.
Aliyah was "Cinderella"
Rylee ended up wearing Isla's dress and being a princess!
And Lizzy was still a pumpkin!!!
All the princesses and funshine bear!
(Aliyah, Rylee, Trinity, Faith and Isla)

Everyone!!! (all from above and Elijah as Blue's Clues)
We all had lots of fun and Daddy was there. Plus Charlie and Erica and Jeded and Aubrey came with us all around Grandma Benson's neighborhood (we espescially loved the traditional scones from the Gunn's)


These were pictures we took before we left for SLC, with daddy in case he didn't make it to trick-or-treating!
Aliyah finally wanted to be a princess!!
Rylee wanted to be a witch,

And Lizzy got to be a pumpkin.

They loved dressing up!

This was a hard picture to take :)

06 November 2008

Diaper Cakes?

My cousin-in-law had a baby shower and all we really had were a lot of diapers so I decided to try and be creative, I forgot that her sister-in-law is the mother of all creativity so she got two diaper cakes!
Here are the two cakes at the party!
Christy (the soon to be aunt) made the halloween "witch" cake...

I made the large blue bow cake (it's a boy!)

It was a lot of work but a lot of fun, too!