13 January 2010

Christmas!!! (finally)

Christmas this year was simple and nice, we stayed in Boise, had dinner at Ryan's Aunt Sandy's - an nontraditional but ever so yummy lasagna (my mouth is watering just thinking about it!) - and then Ryan's parents came to visit.
When we went to bed, the floor was clear and the tree only had candy canes on it - couldn't find our decorations - when we woke up, as Aliyah puts it - "Santa brought presents and found mommy's decorations too!" What a sweetheart that Santa is... (And I was very exhausted the next day, too!)
Here's our loot! "Santa" - were not sure who - brought some really nice stuff for the girls, boots, clothes, gloves/hats, and Aliyah also got (top-middle) an awesome blanket that turns into a pillow!!! Of course mom and dad only got one present each for Christmas, since each was $$$. Well, I guess technically I got two because Ryan won a Wii a month earlier, and yes I couldn't wait an entire month to open the giant box he brought it home in on NOV 30!!!
And finally to finish the day off, after we got home from dinner, Ryan's parents showed up with a whole new load of presents! My camera died before we could get pictures of the opened presents but here are some fun ones from before they were opened and after the girls opened new coats and Rylee opened butterfly wings! Lizzy was so intrigued when Rylee suddenly turned into a "fu-hur-fy", oh and Rylee had to show off that Santa brought her a matching outfit for her barbies, too! Now our house, that was packed with toys before, is bursting at the seems with them. I am a lot more encouraged to let go of anything!!! We even took a couple nice -old, but nice- toys over to Aliyah's friend Saidi and his sister (a refugee family new to the US).
What a fun Christmas we had!!!
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